Herald of Holiness - October 1, 1986

They Met the Savior is lit up in lights. The caption "Transformed Lives" is in rainbow text underneath.
They Met the Savior -- Transformed Lives

2 The Communicating God, General Superintendent: John A. Knight
4 Unshackled!, George S. Halliwell
6 Invaded!, Bob Eveland as told to Dana Dunmyer
8 To Die in Peace, Michael J. Christensen
11 A Song in the Night, Ernest C. Lewis
14 Our Marriage Was Saved, Daniel M. Bixler
16 Pi’s Story – A Home At Last, Pi Randall
18 The Night the “Jones Boys” Came to Church, Pat Verbal
20 Outstanding Handicapped Citizen, Frances Simpson
22 Voodoo in the Nation’s Capital?, Evelyn Smith
24 I Ran For My Life, Ann E. Gaines

9 The Prodigal, Allen A. Bennett
10 I Sought Him, John A. Wright
13 My Days of Days, Jessie Willmott
15 He Called, He Sought, He Loved, Roy J. Wilkins

28 Meet the Savior, W. E. McCumber


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