HERALD OF HOLINESS - November 1, 1995

Cover Photo Credit: H. Armstrong Roberts
8 Break a Vase, Scott Ostendorf, Sr.
16 Raising the Level of Worship, Randy T. Hodges
18 What We Learned About Worship, Roland Feltmate
22 Whatever Happened to the Old Songs?, Chip Ricks
23 Sing to Him a New Song, Michael Cork
28 Thank You for My Life, Lonni Collins Pratt
32 Lifetime Marriage: God’s Ideal, Gwen Rice Clark
36 How Much Religion Is Enough?, Edwin H. Felter
17 In the Midst, Nancy Spiegelberg
30 A Thought, Marlo Michelle Schalesky
38 Doxology, Dorothy Purdy
2 General Superintendent’s Viewpoint, Donald D. Owens
4 Into the Word, Roger L. Hahn
5 Over 60, C. Ellen Watts
15 The Family Album, Jerry & Lynda Cohagan
35 In a Woman’s Voice, Rebecca Laird
45 Rhythms of the Spirit, Morris A. Weigelt
46 Observer at Large, John C. Bowling
1 Late News, Mark Graham & Bryan Merrill
6 The Readers Write
10-14, 42-44 News, Mark Graham & Bryan Merrill
39 The Question Box
40 The Nazarene Family, Bryan Merrill
47 Marked Copy, Mark Graham
48 Editor’s Choice, Wesley D. Tracy



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