Herald of Holiness - July 15, 1959

First page of the Herald.

01 Measuring Our Love by General Superintendent Vanderpool

03 Citizens of Two Countries by Louis McCurdy

04 Foundation by Oscar Hudson

05 More Grace by Orville Grisso

06 Had Your Spiritual Vitamins Today? By Ila R. Monday

07 Pungent Medicine by Norman Kimsey

07 "Hope Thou in God" by Frances B. Erickson

08 I Heard Dr. Reynolds Preach by Evangelist D.F. Steininger

08 Parson to Person

09 News in Picture

09 God and My Typewriter by Mildred June Lovorn

10 A Wondrous Cross! By Brian L. Farmer

11 The Editor Reports: by Stephen S. White

12 Editorials by S.S. White

14 Thought for the Day by Bertha Munro

17 The Question Box by Stephen S. White

18 News of the Churches


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