HERALD OF HOLINESS - January 15, 1989

Cover Photo Credit: Jim Kersten
4 A New Day Is Dawning, John W. May
5 Rooted In the Past—Reaching To the Future, Terrell C. (Jack) Sanders, Jr.
6 A Whole Lot of Pouring Going On, Wesler Tracy
8 Why I'm teaching At NTS, Charles "Chic" Shaver
10 Monuments on Rooftops, Ed Robinson
11 I Have Seen Them, Al Truesdale
12 From Manager of Manufacturing to NTS Student, Howie Shute
14 God Never Quits Loving, Jerry McCant
16 A Charge to Keep, Wayne M. Warner
17 Has Your Flame Gone Out?, Herbert Quantz
18 More Real than Real Estate, Eric D. Morrison
19 “One of These Days", Emily Moran
5 Solar System, Joyce A. Chandler
9 Andrew, Mark R. Littleton
13 Beyond Forgiveness, Marcia Lee Krugh
2 Nazarene Theological Seminary—the Church Needs It, General Superintendent John A. Knight
7 "Because You Gave...”, Church Alive!—Ernie L. Arnold
15 Nazarene Roots: Soul Aflame: The Witness Of Maynard James
20 The Editor's Standpoint, W. E. McCumber
23 By All Means, Fishing for Men—Spike Watkins



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