Herald of Holiness - January 15, 1982

Students at Nazarene Theological Seminary gathered outside the library.
Nazarene Theological Seminary Sunday January 31, 1982. Nazarene Theological Seminary students pictured (I. to r.) are Tim Miller, junior. Overland Park, Kansas; Steve Rushing, junior. Jacksonville, Florida; Richard Green, junior, Kansas City; Noel Alexander, middler, Republic of South Africa; and Vidu Gaikwad, middler, India.

2 Nazarene Theological Seminary, General Superintendent: Orville W. Jenkins
3 Faith for the Future, Mary E. Latham
4 Letters
5 Pray for Nazarene Theological Seminary, Terrell C. Sanders, Jr.
6 The Builders (a poem), Mabel P. Adamson
7 The Saint Peter Principle, James F. Sorrell
8 NTS: By Grace, For Grace, Al Truesdale
10 A Seed Planted on the Hill, George Gately
11 Knowing Your Elephant-Bets, William L. Poteet
12 This Robin Is Singing A New Song, Charles "Chic" Shaver
13 Nazarene Roots: Our Name: "Nazarene"; Steve Cooley
13 While I Am His (a poem), Charsten Christensen
14 Entire Sanctification, J. Kenneth Grider
15 Book Brief: The Year of the Locust, David F. Nixon
16 The Editor's Standpoint, W. E. McCumber
18 Kirby's Cat Killed A Snake, Pauline E. Spray
19 Stand Still, Arthur Townsend
20 By All Means, Mark Vandine
21 In the News
30 News of Religion
31 Answer Corner
35 Late News


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