HERALD OF HOLINESS - February 1, 1996

Cover Photo Credit: Jim Whitmer
8 Let’s Make Our Churches More User-friendly to the Handicapped, John E. Gundrum
10 We Had to Help, Ian Wills with Donna Fletcher Crow
20 How to Be Happily Married Forever in Nine Easy Steps, Joe Seay
23 The Unknown Future and the Known God, Doug Forsberg
24 That Dirty “E” Word, Marlo M. Schalesky
27 Frisbees and Guerrillas, Gary B. Swanson
35 The Worst in Me, Victor Schreffler
36 The Heart and Spirit of John Wesley, Keith Wright
38 Promises Too Sweeping?, Richard S. Taylor
13 Opportunity, Merle Lamprecht
5 General Superintendent’s Viewpoint, Jerald D. Johnson
18 Over 60, C. Ellen Watts
29 Masculine Journey, Mark Metcalfe
32 When You Pray, E. Dee Freeborn
33 In a Woman’s Voice, Rebecca Laird
41 Into the Word, Roger L. Hahn
48 Observer a t Large, John C. Bowling
1 Late News, Mark Graham
2 Editor’s Choice, Wesley D. Tracy
4 Signs, Michael R. Estep
6 The Readers Write
14-17, 43-45 News, Mark Graham
19 The Quote Rack
30 Nazarene Family, Mark Graham
34 The Question Box
37 February’s 10-Point Quiz
42 NIV Crossword Puzzle, Rick Jansen
46 Evangelists’ Slates
47 Marked Copy, Mark Graham



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