Herald of Holiness - December 1, 1982

Many hands surrounding and reaching toward the Bible.

2 "The Neglected Quarters", General Superintendent: William M. Greathouse
3 Gate To New Life, Benjamin Conte
3 A Cup of Water (a poem), M. B. Taylor
4 Letters
5 Proclamation, Board of General Superintendents
6 Hope for the City, Tom Nees
7 Imperishable Seed, Peter A. Heilemann
8 Listen To God's Word - and Live!, Ivan A. Beals
9 The Living Word (a poem), Pearl Burnside McKinney
9 Void of Offence, Raymond C. Kratzer
10 My Mother's Old Bible, J. Melton Thomas
10 The Bible (a poem), Glenn V. Propst
11 A Center for Hope in Topeka's Inner City, Nina Beegle
12 A Caring Church, Thelma Gomer
14 Cambodian Immigrants in Kansas City, Ruby Hughes
15 A Midweek Moment! (a poem), C. Neil Strait
16 The Life of Holiness, Boyd C. Hancock
17 The God-Hungry (a poem), Janet Parker
17 Book Brief: Born Again and Growing, J. Kenneth Grider
18 The Editor's Standpoint, W. E. McCumber
20 By All Means, Carl Selfridge
21 Robert Ward Crew, Faithful Servant, B. Edger Johnson
22 In the News
30 News of Religion
31 Answer Corner
35 Late News


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