HERALD OF HOLINESS - August 1, 1996

Cover Photo Credit: Lee Rudeen, Media International
8 Back to the Gospel: Depoliticizing the Church in ’96, Tom Sine
10 If I Only Had the Money, Knolan Benfield
20 Can We Save the Pastors?, Stan Meek
22 Serving the Servers, Marlo M. Schalesky
24 Your Pastor’s Success Is in Your Hands, Bonita May
28 Running the Race with Patience, B. H. McLain
36 How Long After the Altar Service Will Holiness Keep on Working?, John Conlon
38 Reason for Hope, Tim Isbell
40 A Jar of Pickles, Joyce Williams
4 Into the Word, Roger L. Hahn
5 When You Pray, E. Dee Freeborn
6 General Superintendent’s Viewpoint, Jerald D. Johnson
18 In a Woman’s Voice, Marlo M. Schalesky
19 Masculine Journey, Mark Metcalfe
45 Over 60, C. Ellen Watts
46 Observer at Large, John C. Bowling
1 Editor’s Choice, Wesley D. Tracy
3 Signs, Michael R. Estep
7 The Readers Write
14-17, 42-44 News
31 August’s 10-Point Quiz
32 The Question Box
33 Evangelists’ Slates
34 Nazarene Family
41 NIV Crossword Puzzle, Rick Jansen
47 Marked Copy, Mark Graham
48 Late News



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