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Herald of Holiness - October 13, 1971

  • W. T. Purkiser
  • Orville Jenkins
  • Ross Hayslip
  • Mabel Starratt
  • G. Franklin Allee
  • Board of General Superintendents
  • Wilson R. Lanpher
  • William H. Doan
  • Milo L. Arnold
  • Rosemary Lee
  • C. William Fisher
  • Linda Maurice
  • Thomas G. Nees
  • E. E. Wordsworth
  • Fletcher Galloway
  • Darrell E. Luther
  • Thelma Gray

02 People of the Lord by General Superintendent Orville W. Jenkins 03 It Takes Time to be a Good Samaritan by Ross W. Hayslip 04 What's My Brother Saying? by Mabel Starratt 05 The Tale of Two Cities...

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  • Olivet Nazarene University
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Christian Holiness: in Terms of Faith and Practice

  • Craig Brophy

The author asserts that Christian Holiness is a biblical concept that brings one to the point of sensing a deep need for the experience, and a realization that Christian Holiness is both the goal, and...

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Preaching Holiness In This New Millennium

  • Ramón A. Sierra

Ramon discusses 1 Thessalonians 2:3-13, a passage from the NT that directly connects preaching and holiness. For Wesleyans, the doctrine of holiness and its preaching is the axis around which all...

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Preacher's Magazine, Volume 2 Number 3, March 1927

J.B. Chapman, Editor "Letters on Preaching: XV. Parts of Sermons-Continued" / A.M. Hills "Hints to Fishermen" / C.E. Cornell "Themes, Texts and Suggestions" / D.S. Corlett "China" / Roy G. Codding...

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