Didache Volume 01, Number 02

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Introduction 1-2 Postmodernism- What is it? Posmodernismo - Qué es eso? (Trans. Edgar Baldeon) TEACHING ETHICS IN A POSTMODERN WORLD

This edition (January 2002) represents a mosaic of several projects. The primary project includes new articles written for the journal either to advance research or provide insight into educational practice. We are fortunate to have several excellent articles guiding us into the realm of postmodernism (a perennial issue on the global landscape), not only providing categories for understanding postmodernity but also discussing the implications of the views for teaching and learning. I offer many thanks to Dr. Spaulding and Dr. Oord, for providing valuable introductions (by the way, multiple “introductions,” seemed most appropriate for a postmodern review). Dr. Allder’s article is equally rigorous and should be of considerable interest to all our international educators who are trying to teach ministerial practice. Educators familiar with adult education theory will appreciate Bruce’s command of the literature. David McEwan’s treatment of postmodernism, written originally for an Australian ministry audience, includes both helpful insights into the “global” nature of postmodern thought and practical suggestions for preaching to a postmodern audience regardless of context.

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